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Well, here’s the truth.  I’ll never be great at cycling.  Oh yes, I manage to get around and do some climbs and races, and I am a USA cycling licensed racer blah blah blah.  But so what?

Yes, I cannot imagine ever not riding and experiencing hilly climbs around New Hampshire and elsewhere with friends.  I could not imagine NOT feeling my lungs burn and my legs screaming in races and rides when someone in the group decides to push the limits.  But……

…… I know that at age 50, there are not as many matches and they tend to burn less brightly.  I managed to watch [on the Internet yesterday – not on TV] parts of Milan-San Remo.  259 k ( 185 miles) of full on racing for just under 7 hours ( 6 hrs, 59 minutes, 24 seconds to be precise) (the length of the race, not how much I watched!).  Racing, not riding, with an average speed of 26 mph.  At the end Fabian Cancellera, Simon Gerrans, and Vincanzo Napoli were sprinting as though they had just warmed up, with Gerrans sneaking across the line just slightly ahead of Cancellara and Napoli.  I considered the math and the effort and realized that the mere thought of that achievement is so astounding and mind-boggling that just to think of it made my legs feel tired.

And to think that my riding this weekend ( the fourth and fifth times this year) left me with that feeling of having “done something” in my legs…

But I can’t wait for the next ride.

This weekend – 80 miles or so with climbs – a good start to the spring.


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  1. If it makes you feel any better for 180 of those 185 miles those three had at least one team-mate, and often four or five, pulling them down the road. I do not think any individual rider could manage those average speeds over that distance. It is still an awe inspiring effort.