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Out for a road ride yesterday, on the cross bike with my Michelin Mud2 tires but without spare tubes, a Co2 cartridge, or pump, I managed some 26 miles, and then had a pinch flat in the front tire.  Murphy’s Law.  Now, I did have my cell phone, but I had already used up that chit when I called my wife for a ride back in December (after a log had ripped off the rear dereuilleur on a dirt road).  So, what to do?  I decided that before making the dreaded call, I would get myself closer to home and to a location easily acccessible to my wife and driver-to-be.  I started walking.

After not more than three minutes, a woman with a small child in the back of her car pulled over and asked me if I needed anything.  Feeling optimistic, and hoping that maybe, just maybe, the air had somehow mysteriously escaped through the valve, I replied, “A pump.”  She said, “No problem,” and drove away, only to return less than five minutes later with one.  I pumped the tire up, thanked her, and managed to get about another 3/4′s of a mile closer to where I would make the call.  I walked the rest of the way, found the store, bought some hot chocolate, and then made the call.  “Ah, hey sweetie, I’m ok but have a flat and nothing with me to fix it.  How stupid am I?  Hey, hey, hey.”  With a good-natured, “ I’ll be there in just a few!” she left me feeling sheepish.

Murphy’s Law, part 2.  With the call having been made, and as I sat drinking my hot chocolate on a bench outside the general store , no fewer than three different folks stopped to ask me if I needed a spare inner tube or if they could otherwise help me.  I really wanted to take them up on it.  And I know in a real pinch that I could have.  That’s a good feeling.  OK, cue strings, but it’s true.

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