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Ah, the lists of the year… let’s face it, every publication seems to have them, and we love to read’ em.



One of the top ten Christmas trees?!!


Modern Healthcare has come out with a few of its top stories.  No surprises, really…the court battles over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and (cue drum role) “final regulations implementing Medicare’s accountable care organization program  and final regulations implementing Medicare’s value-based purchasing system” (cut drum role).  Of course they are BIG stories.  But they are “devils in the details” stories, and they require more than just 4 minutes on the evening news.  What is the similarity between all these “news worthy events?” The word of 2011 (and probably 2012) has been and will be “reimbursement,” that is – how are providers going to be paid by Medicare and, ultimately, the private insurance payors.


Meanwhile, our friends at teh New York Times have a list.  Ugg.  The Times’ most viewed stories are about diets and muscles.  “[H]ealth-conscious Americans were extremely interested in learning how to look like the muscular lead character in the superhero movie ‘Thor,’ starring Chris Hemsworth, followed by the ‘Ryan Gosling workout,’ the ‘Chris Hemsworth workout,’ and the ‘Captain America workout.’


News flash: Captain America is a comic book character…and the guy who plays him on the big screen is an actor…with tons of time and incentive to spend on honing his bod for shots that could not be digitally “altered.”  These workouts are great for the few of us who have hours a day to devote to them.


To their credit, however, the Times’ readers did choose a story that resonates: how too much time on the couch is dangerous.  Its message?  You can “work da body a la Ryan Gosling,” but the health benefits from just moving around – gardening, cleaning, and walking – are pretty darn good.  Hey, 2011 has been a tough year, so let’s start with small steps and then move forward in 2012.


And if we get some snow maybe we all finally could use some of these…




Happy New Year!

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