01. January 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Cycling

Happy New Year!


And what in the world is the weather up to?  Normally I would spend some portion of New Year’s Day shoveling or skiing or both, preferably with our kids, especially the shoveling part.  Today?  A slow, solitary ride on bare and wet pavement.

With no snow on the ground and no foliage to speak of, it’s amazing how deep into the woods one can see.  All the old stone walls and even old foundations hidden or masked during other times of year now are conspicuous.  And on these slow base rides I have time to peer into the depths of the woods and reflect on these structures from the past in a way that I usually cannot.  These rides reward me with an appreciation for just how hard life must have been way back in the 1600 and 1700′s.  Just getting around and preparing food for meals took massive amounts of energy, not to mention the actual working involved!

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