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The recent issue of Scientific American, which I heartily recommend, contains a short but interesting article on the two primary ways of achieving even greater longevity than we have now.  One, focus on the specific areas of the body that cause trouble and remove/regenerate/replace them.  Two, and alternatively, examine molecular development way down at the molecular level to adjust cellular development in order to “slow down” the aging process.  I am summarizing, of course, so read the article!  But what strikes me is that while living beyond 100 years may be desirable for some, as a society we truly need to address how such lives will be led, and under what conditions for the participants – mentally, socially, and physically.  Our medical and scientific knowledge, we should assume, will outpace our evolutionary and mental capacities for coping with this knowledge.


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Got a new camera – though with mixed feelings about it.  My Dad died this spring and my mother has given it to me for my birthday.  My father could figure out pretty much any new gadget or digital device, and while I did not inherit his alacrity with machines and computers, today for the first time I fumbled my way through the instructions and then just launched on a picture-taking session.  I may be the last of a breed to actually read the directions to things.

So, Dad, here’s to you!  I’ll keep snapping away to see what I can discover – I know you would want me to do just that.

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In Belgium during the late fall and early winter, the crowds come out to watch the cyclocross races, drink delicoius Belgian beer, and munch on “frites” (fries).  In New England, we seem to have our own thing to eat at outdoor events – fried dough.  I’m not a fan of the latter, if only because the only time I ever see it offered is during the warmer weather months.  I’m sure that it would have more appeal on a cold January day.  Then again……maybe not.

...in July...

Fried dough...in July?