09. December 2011 · Comments Off · Categories: Cycling

I have yet to set up my ‘cross bike on the device in the photograph.  I am waiting for the weather outside to be truly frightful, and the calendar to read “January.”  But the hardest aspect of actually using the trainer is its current “barrier to entry.”  That is, it needs to be fully accessible and easy to hop on.  As it now sits, it’s simply a pain to set the bike on it and make all the adjustments, and then get down to the real act of “riding” and training.  In the coming month, I’ll make room for it in the basement amidst all the other stuff.  I think for many people exercise is like that – it is not in and of itself hard to commence – it’s just the “getting to it” in order to start that makes it hard.  I don’t think our work environments (or our health plans, for that matter) make it any easier, either.  The message?  Make it easy to start the workout and the workouts will be easier to start, if not do.

06. November 2011 · Comments Off · Categories: Cycling

By this time of the “cycling season,” I no longer look forward to hard efforts, say the way I might have back in June.  In fact, I’m looking forward to winter, or at least the skiing part of it!  The body simply cannot be at maximum capacity all year, especially at my advanced age, so as the days grow shorter the pace of the riding slows down.  The result?  Calm and scenic rides with friends, often on the ‘cross bikes, in the backwoods and on the old roads of New Hampshire.   The stone walls that line some of these dirt roads continue to amaze me.  Talk about the sheer effort of building these – some of them are over a meter in width.