I follow health care trends, the regulatory universe of health care, and the evolving nature of what it means to be “healthy.”  As a corporate and health care lawyer, I get great satisfaction working with hospitals, physicians, and others as they navigate the challenging and technical shoals of health law and regulation.

All of us touch, and are affected by, our health care “system.”  The state of health care and “health” in general are connected to our daily lives.

My professional and personal experiences intersect.  My interests range from how public policy and the regulatory environment impact the day to day experiences of patients, doctors and nurses; to new ways of introducing different kinds of exercise, music, and fun to different age groups; to foods and meals that taste good and that do good; to architecture and design that inspire healthy communities, and beyond.

I like learning about new activities.  I’m crazy about all types of cycling – road and cyclocross, and skiing – alpine, randonnée, and Nordic.  I admire both raw athletic talent and earned aerobic performance.  At the same time, I appreciate that we all have our own goals and styles in how we choose to be “active.”

My bio is here.


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  1. What a delight to find this site offering clarity to regulations that effect us and observations on a vivacious way of life.

    We New Yorkers mostly walk. However, note that a bunch of people just raced up the stairs of the Empire State Building , a different sort of mountain than you have in New Hampshire.

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