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Satellite View of WV -total

A little skating today!

Distance skied:14.01 mi
Time: 1:48:18
Avg Pace: 7:44 min/mi

Time: 1:48:18
Moving Time: 1:44:58
Elapsed Time: 2:04:08
Avg Speed: 7.8 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 8.0 mph
Max Speed: 22.1 mph
Avg Speed: 7.8 mph
Elevation Gain: 1,555 ft
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I totally dominated this morning’s “Winter Wild” race up Pat’s Peak. As easy as taking candy from a bunch of babies.  I mean, where exactly was the competition?

Ah . . . not exactly.  The truth is I survived two laps up and down Pat’s Peak on my skate skis, but saw many runners pass me on the way up.  True, I got to ski down but still wasn’t that far ahead of the folks without skis.

“Winter Wild” consists of a fun series of races in New Hampshire held at various ski areas.  Four different groups compete –“open” – running or walking; telemark; “track skis” – skate; and my favorite name – “heavy metal” – randonee, snowboard, alpine. We all start at once, a particularly good way to wake up and get in the moment.  The courses go uphill, then down.  For this race, we start from the Lodge, then up Puff, then up Twister, then down the easy greens to the east – twice. It is that simple.

Did I say the start time is 7:00 am?

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Check these photos out.  Guess where they were taken.

Central Park, Manhatten, New York.  I had the opportunity to visit last weekend and take a stroll through Central Park.  It struck me that without Central Park Manhattan would be a different city – perhaps an unlivable place.  On a cold, somewhat dreary February day all sort of folks were out in the, relatively speaking, open space.  And good for them!  It is nothing unusual, I know.  But can you imagine the island of Manhatten with wall to wall buildings and streets?  I doubt the people in these photographs could.