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When I was a teenager I found physical chores dull, and I could never wait for them to end.  They often involved holding a necessary wrench or other tool in one place for Dad while he tinkered with a piece of equipment, or endless raking.  These days I enjoy the pure physicality of many outdoor chores, stacking firewood among them.  Yes, we get to see the results of our labors in an afternoon – a virtual millisecond compared to many work assignments I tackle – but more than that, stacking firewood means using the fingers and hands in the manner they are meant to be used.

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Today’s New York Times editorial focuses on law schools and the way they teach.  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/26/opinion/legal-education-reform.html?_r=1&hp


On the list of burning societal problems, many may see this as low down on thh scale.  For clients in need of consistent ways in which to budget costs, including legal costs, there needs to be some reform in the manner in which training is undertaken.


Addressing these issues requires changing legal education and how the profession sees its responsibility to serve the public interest as well as clients. Some schools are moving in promising directions. The majority are still stuck in an outdated instructional and business model.



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By this time of the “cycling season,” I no longer look forward to hard efforts, say the way I might have back in June.  In fact, I’m looking forward to winter, or at least the skiing part of it!  The body simply cannot be at maximum capacity all year, especially at my advanced age, so as the days grow shorter the pace of the riding slows down.  The result?  Calm and scenic rides with friends, often on the ‘cross bikes, in the backwoods and on the old roads of New Hampshire.   The stone walls that line some of these dirt roads continue to amaze me.  Talk about the sheer effort of building these – some of them are over a meter in width.